Stop Aging Start Living



A chronobiological food supplement for men over 50 with weak drive and the beginning of testosterone deficiency. A natural «testosterone booster» which enhances performance capacity, libido and muscular strength. Androchron® contains a unique combination of vital ingredients that guarantees maximal efficiency paired with minimal risk.


The optimal food supplement for persons with joints exposed to strain. All nutrients required for joint metabolism have been combined in balanced quantities. The division of the dose into a morning and an evening capsule, based on chronobiological principles, ensures optimal care of cartilage and brings about rapid pain relief. Undesirable side effects do not occur.


Optimal combination of natural substances to enhance cardio vascular health. Chronobiological administration in form of morning and evening capsules.


Combination of active ingredients according to chronobiologic principles to fight cellulite.


Chronobiologic form of administration of highly effective substances for healthy hair and nails. Promotes hair growth from within.


Chronoslim® activates the fat burning and simultaneously inhibits the rebuilding of fat deposits. The chronobiological concerted ingredients also regulate the sugar metabolism and thereby promote a positive weight management.


A combination of active ingredients formulated according to chrono­biologic principles, consisting of vitamins, nutrients, trace elements and plant-based components. The substances contained in an activating morning capsule and a regenerating evening capsule prevent premature aging of the skin, combat wrinkles from within and protect the skin against harmful effects of the environment.


The innovative food supplement to regulate glucose metabolism for diabetics. The composition of various extracts, vitamins and minerals, adjusted to the respective time of day (day or night) allows largely physiological regulation of glucose metabolism. Maximum levels of the active substances are achieved by carefully selected and mutually harmonized constituents.


Chronobiological dietary supplement with three different iron salts as a multi-layered tablet for controlled release with ­improved tolerability compared to iron preparations of a pure sulphate ­basis; developed for treating or preventing iron deficiency states in pregnant women, children and the general population.

Fertilichron® female

Phytochemicals and other dietary supplements of anti-aging medicine in chronobiological form to improve female fertility.

Fertilichron® male

Chronobiological mixture of medicinal plants for increasing the vitality and mobility of sperms and the sperm count.


Improvement of the intestinal flora by ingestion of a chronobiologically developed prebiotic (morning) and probiotic (evening) bacteria mixture with a synergistic action.


A chronobiology based melatonin preparation for improving the behavior of falling asleep and sleeping through the night. The patented formulation guarantees the release of melatonin for a period of up to 8 hours. Administration once a day in the evening ensures therapeutically relevant melatonin levels during the whole night and absolute vitality the following morning.


An innovative food supplement based on plant extracts with an effect similar to that of oestrogen for the natural treatment of the symptoms of menopause. The morning and evening capsules have each been formulated to meet the body’s needs at that particular time of day. As a result of this «chronobiological» approach, Menochron® can be integrated into the daily diet and helps to regulate levels of hormones in the body.


Chronobiological dietary supplement to compensate for a lack of energy and protect against burnout in men and women. Improves energy performance and boosts mitochondrial function in the individual cells while at the same time providing enhanced protection against oxidative damage.


A food supplement based on plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, for the maintenance of mental fitness and enhancement of concentration. The combination of all constituents of the morning and the evening capsule, specifically synchronized to suit the needs of the time of day, allows perfect integration into a person’s everyday diet from a chronobiological point of view. Mental flexibility and high concentration abilities are maintained throughout the day. Age-related changes such as loss of memory can be reduced.


Chronobiological combination preparation made of scientifically proven phytochemicals with a cancer-preventive effect for suppressing abnormal cell functions outside the normal cell regulation patterns. For the prevention, reversion, or slowdown of cancer development.


A highly active mineral and vitamin complex to support any treatment for osteoporosis. The high bioavailability of all minerals and vitamins used in Osteochron®, in combination with the balanced composition of the preparation, ensures optimal and high-grade supply of all important nutrients for bones. Its chronobiological division into components for the day and the night promotes the physiological metabolism of the skeletal system.


A specially developed food supplement for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. The chronobiological composition of all constituents of the morning and the evening capsule ensures optimal supply of all vital substances required in this phase of life, adjusted to the respective time of day.


Mixture of well-proven medicinal plant extracts for optimum protection against age-related prostate complaints as well as for alleviating nocturia – formulated on the basis of the latest chronobiological principles.



The first chronobiological broad-spectrum anti-aging preparation against the three mega threats of aging – cardio­vascular diseases, dementia, uncontrolled cell growth. Well-balanced combination of the best researched anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative secondary plant substances from four millennia of anti-aging medicine.


A patented formulation for maintaining the serotonin profile adjusted to the daily rhythm and in keeping with the physiology. Ideal for all symptoms related to serotonin deficiency such as mild to medium depression, eating disorders and other mood swings and chronic pain. The biphasic release guarantees an optimal serum concentration without side effects.


The carotinoids lutein and zeaxanthine protect the retina of the eye against harmful effects and excessive ultraviolet radiation. A sufficient intake of lutein and zeaxanthine can lessen the risk of developing the most common form of blindness occurring in older people.

Vitachron® female

A chronobiological combination of active ingredients for ensuring the female body gets the best possible supply of all the essential ­vitamins, trace elements, minerals and plant-based active ingredients it needs. It increases vitality and performance.

Vitachron® male

A chronobiological combination of active ingredients for ­ensuring the male body gets the best possible supply of all the essential ­vitamins, trace elements, minerals and plant-based active ingredients it needs. It increases vitality and performance.