This invigorating root from the South American Andes promotes vitality and sexual desire, helps maintain healthy energy levels and supports a healthy mood.

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LHP12311 Maca
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  • Supports a healthy libido
  • Promotes healthy hormone balance
  • Helps maintain optimal energy levels
  • Promotes a strong immune system
  • Supports male potency
  • Optimizes vitality and resistance and protects against the consequences of stress
  • Supports healthy weight maintenance
  • Is 100 percent safe and natural

The Incas began to cultivate maca as early as 2,000 years ago; archaeologists dated the first evidence of maca cultivation to around 1,600 B.C. The Incas believed maca to be so potent that only the royal family was permitted to use it. This root has been firmly established in Peruvian medicine for 500 years due to its ability to enhance strength, libido and fertility. After the conquest of the Incas, the Spanish realized that not only did maca increase the quantity of their livestock (by improving fertility) but it also exhibited a unique effect on human beings. They began to export this root to Spain by the ton.

Because of its energy-enhancing effects, its positive influence on fertility and its aphrodisiacal properties, maca continues to become more and more popular worldwide. Other effects are promoting endurance and performance in athletes as well as supporting healthy sexual function in men. Furthermore, it can be used to soothe menstrual complaints and help maintain healthy female hormone balance, as well as to support healthy energy levels, helping to counteract the chronic exhaustion that is frequently experienced in Western industrial countries. Due to the sterols (precursors to male hormones) it contains, maca is often used by bodybuilders as a natural alternative to anabolic agents.

In traditional Peruvian medicine, the dried and pulverized roots are also used to support immune system health, to protect against anaemia and to promote clear memory.

Maca is a small (about the size of a table-tennis-ball) bulb from the Cruciferae family that grows in the Andes. The roots are rich in sugar, starch, proteins and essential minerals – in particular iron and iodine. The sweet, aromatic dried root is considered a delicacy. Dried maca root has a high nutritional value similar to that of various types of grain such as corn, rice and flour. It consists of 59 percent carbohydrates, 10.2 percent proteins, 8.5 percent fibers and 2.2 percent lipids. Additionally, the bulb contains large amounts of essential amino acids, iron, calcium, alkaloids, beta-ecdysone, magnesium, p-methoxybenzyl, isothiocyanate, phosphorus, saponins, stigmasterol, sitosterol, tannins, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin E.

In addition to the above-mentioned properties, maca also helps to balance and stabilise the systems of the human body. For example, it helps to maintain healthy blood pressure within normal ranges by increasing low blood pressure values but also by lowering high blood pressure values. It supports a healthy immune system and boosts physical vitality. Maca does not have a specific effect on individual systems; rather, it has an «all-around effect» on the body.

Libido / male sexual performance: One of the most important properties of maca is its ability to promote a healthy libido. It contains significant amounts of essential fatty acids, sterols, minerals, alkaloids, tannins and saponins. The active constituents responsible for maca’s aphrodisiacal effects are the biologically active aromatic isothiocyanates. Maca is used by thousands of people in more than 200 countries worldwide for its ability to support healthy libido.

It was only recently that scientists rediscovered the ability of this root to promote healthy libido and energy, as well as its ability to support healthy male sexual performance. As recently as April 2000 the journal Urology, a renowned medical journal which had earlier also published studies on Viagra, published a study on maca. This study confirmed its aphrodisiac effects, which had been described in the legends of the Incas for hundreds of years. The trial also showed that supplementing with maca promoted healthy male sexual performance.

Menopause / female hormone balance: Another important discovery is the capability of maca to soothe numerous menopausal complaints. Phytotherapy is ideal when addressing many menopausal symptoms such as occasional difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, mood fluctuations, anxiety and feelings of oppression and vaginal dryness. Thanks to its active ingredients, maca is more effective when it comes to menopausal complaints than other phytomedicines. One of its strongest effects concerning menopausal symptoms is on mood fluctuations.

Muscle mass: Due to its high sterol content, maca may also be used by bodybuilders as a natural and safe alternative to traditional anabolic agents.

Fatigue and lack of energy: Today, in our fast-moving society, more and more people experience low energy, weariness and a lack of drive. In these cases, maca is an excellent remedy to help alleviate symptoms and release new energy.

Other: Maca also supports healthy elimination via the colon, most likely on account of its fiber content. Moreover, this root can help to soothe minor joint discomfort and support respiratory system health. European doctors have prescribed maca for more than a decade for a wide variety of health concerns, including, if requested, following weight loss. The plant can also support clear memory, help maintain healthy hormone balance and also aid in cases of anaemia and mood disorders.

The numerous indications for maca make the extract an ideal food supplement for all in need of an extra dose of energy.

One capsule (clear) contains 250 mg maca (lepidium meyenii).
Other ingredients: rice flour, magnesium stearate.

The product is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, not genetically modified.
Capsule shell vegan.

In normal cases take 1 – 2 capsules up to 3 times a day at the maximum with plenty of fluid.

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of the reach of children. Store protected from light and dry at room temperature.
The published information is not a cure and is not intended as a request or suggestion for self-medication.
Errors and typographical errors excepted.



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