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Growth hormone is the most effective hormone in the human body. It exerts its influence on nearly every cell and works to maintain physiological hormonal balance. The new product Oral HGH ­promotes healthy growth hormone levels in the body by supplying release factors for this important hormone via a sublingual spray.

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  • A revolutionary new way to promote optimal levels of growth hormone
  • Protects against premature aging and helps preserve tissue elasticity
  • Supports healthy muscle mass and a healthy fat metabolism
  • Optimizes the immune system
  • Supports wound healing

Hormones are the pacemakers of youth. They regulate nearly everything we do and even how we feel. The wide acceptance of DHEA, melatonin, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone therapy substantiates the importance of re-establishing healthy hormone levels to restore youthful elasticity and resistance to aging.

Leading scientists in the field of endocrinology are convinced that declining hormone levels are responsible for aging, as lower levels reduce the body’s ability to cope with physical stress.

Growth hormone (also known as somatotropin or GH) is the center of our search for the hormonal «fountain of youth». GH rises above all others as the ultimate anti-aging substance. Studies have shown that GH positively affects a wide range of symptoms associated with the aging process.

Until now, it has been primarily administered by injection. However, the latest, and probably the best, mode of administration is the revolutionary microdiluted spray Oral HGH, which is administered sublingually.

With this delivery system, GH is not administered directly. Rather, specific GH-releasing factors are introduced into the body. The new Oral HGH contains certain GH-releasing factors and other growth factors that naturally support endogenous GH levels. Thus, simply administering these messenger substances can achieve reliable effects.

GH is produced primarily at night in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. A unique feature of this growth hormone is that it is not constantly required for the body to perform its daily functions. Instead, it becomes active immediately only when it is required. The main function of GH is to promote tissue repair and the regeneration of cells in bones, muscles and organs, and to assist the immune system in counteracting infection and disease.

GH is the most effective hormone in the human body and influences nearly every cell in the body. It helps to maintain physiological balance (homeostasis). Studies have shown that it can preserve the size and efficacy of vital organs. Maintaining healthy endogenous GH levels in the body paves the way for a healthy and long life.

Oral HGH contains microdiluted GH-releasing factors and other growth factors that support healthy endogenous GH levels. These factors bind to receptors in the pituitary gland and stimulate the gland to form and release GH. Thus, a «tired» pituitary gland is encouraged to maintain healthy GH production naturally.

An additional special feature of Oral HGH is its unique transport system, which ensures optimal absorption of its active substances.

Because the components of Oral HGH consist of large protein molecules, in order for the body to absorb them they must be supported by a special transport system. This type of administration – binding to large molecules and forming complexes – is a revolution in pharmacodynamics (the science of how medicines behave in the body). Preliminary results justify the hope that other hormones such as insulin may also be administered by this route in the future.

Oral HGH was formulated to promote the healthy endogenous production of GH; thus, the pituitary gland continues to produce its own GH. Additional advantages of Oral HGH are that it is economical, convenient and simple to use.

Anti-aging / optimization of endogenous GH levels: This is the main indication for Oral HGH. Balanced hormone levels enhance the body’s energy, endurance and vitality – and not only in the elderly. Accelerated aging is discouraged, which is evidenced externally by firmer skin and healthy hair. Additionally, immune system health and wound healing are supported.

Muscle mass: GH promotes the building of healthy muscle mass without additional exercise while simultaneously encouraging healthy fat metabolism. This effect is also seen in the elderly. It is an especially favorable result in the elderly because the enhancement of muscle mass reduces the risk of falling. Falls in the elderly are commonly associated with fractures and several weeks of hospitalization. However, in the event of a fall, GH also promotes healthy fracture healing and bone growth.

Three puffs (sprays) containing (recommended daily dosage):
Growth Booster complex®
Mucuna pruriens
Deer Antler Velvet
Eurycoma longifolia
13,6 mcg
HGH Booster complex®
Epimedium sagittatum
7,524 mcg

in pharmaceutical grade. Other ingredients: purified water, natural vanilla flavor, citric acid, sodium benzoate.

In normal cases, spray 3 puffs under the tongue in the evening. To ensure better absorption, take short breaks between each puff.

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The published information is not a cure and is not intended as a request or suggestion for self-medication.
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