Dermachron® combines active ingredients formulated according to ­chronobiologic principles, including vitamins, nutrients, trace elements and plant-based components. The powerful ingredients in Dermachron®’s activating morning capsule and regenerating evening capsule help  protect against fine lines and premature aging of the skin, while also ­protecting the skin against harmful effects of the environment.

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  • Helps combat fine lines
  • Nourishes connective tissue from within for firm, supple skin
  • Protects the skin against harmful effects of the environment
  • Provides the skin with vital ­nutrients

Throughout life our skin loses its natural ability to regenerate itself, resulting in the first signs of aging. Additionally, harmful effects of the environment and other factors like stress promote the increased formation of free radicals in the skin. These cell-damaging, oxidizing substances attack the skin cells and are among the primary contributors to the skin’s aging process; a process which can begin as early as the second decade of life.

The primary focus of the numerous therapeutic concepts relating to aesthetic medicine is the external appearance. Wrinkles are filled with injections, excessive skin is removed, fatty deposits are treated with suction. However, more and more people are becoming aware that, in the long run, a holistic approach is a better alternative.

It is not only health that comes from within – in a certain sense it’s also beauty. The newly kindled interest in holistic aesthetics also includes the integration of anti-aging medicine, which takes into consideration a possible deficiency in substances produced by the body itself, as well as the existence of an excess of foreign substances like free radicals. If important nutrients are replaced in a balanced form, this can also influence age-related changes in the skin and overall skin health.

Dermachron® is THE beauty treatment that starts from within. It’s a fact that the most frequently experienced skin problems are not caused by just one single thing, or even by a few factors alone. As many as eight different causes may be at the root of skin issues – and Dermachron®, with its comprehensive formula, aims at minimizing these common skin concerns.

First and foremost is the importance of supporting optimal blood supply to the skin, while limiting destruction of the cells by free radicals. General aging and excess stress that affects the skin are additional culprits, and quite frequently cell regeneration is also slowed down or impaired. When the skin suffers due to these factors it loses its radiance, and the ultraviolet fraction of the solar spectrum contributes its share to an accelerated aging of the skin. Finally, the skin’s ability to store moisture also decreases. Dermachron® contains active ingredients to help address each one of these concerns, from potent free-radical fighters and specific mineral mixes to hyaluronic acid.

Special ingredients in Dermachron®‘s AM and PM formulas support the full spectrum of skin metabolism. The well-balanced components of Dermachron® help support the various tasks of supply, repair and detoxification around the clock, in accordance with the respective time of day. The unique concentration of ingredients in the morning and evening capsules guarantee optimum intake and effect.

To be effective, supplemental ingredients must undergo certain processes during their digestion. Chronobiology plays an important role in this connection. The time of day when a formula is taken influences the efficacy of many ingredients; this important factor is taken into consideration when formulating an optimal, chronobiologically correct food supplement.

Because skin problems are manifold and individual, cosmetically-important vitamins are of great significance. In Dermachron®, eight plant-based or biochemical antioxidants like grape seed extract and white tea extract help protect against oxidative stress while at the same time helping to support optimal blood supply to the fine vessels of the skin.

Trace elements are indispensable for renewing the structure of skin tissue. Lack of these elements can result in both loose skin and loss of hair. For this reason, both the morning capsule and the evening capsule also contain well-balanced herbal extracts which help support connective tissue strength, while also helping to support the nutrient balance of the skin around the clock.

Vitamin A (as palmitate): Promotes the growth of firming collagen fibers.

Vitamin C: Protects against free radicals, making it an especially effective part of the «antioxidant network».

Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate): Helps protect the cholesterol in the blood against oxidation and supports the effects of vitamin C.

Selenium: Helps protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

Alpha lipoic acid: As a cornerstone of the «antioxidant network» it is especially efficient, helping to support more youthful-looking skin.

Coenzyme Q10: Another highly potent component of the «antioxidant network», Coenzyme Q10 also helps protect against free radicals.

White tea leaf extract: This valuable substance, made from the white fuzz-covered unopened leaves of the tea plant, helps maintain healthy blood pressure already within normal ranges, while its polyphenols provide support for healthy cell growth.

Burdock root extract: Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The plant is especially known for its beneficial effects on skin concerns such as boils and psoriasis.

Red clover flower extract: High in isoflavones, this plant exhibits antioxidant and skin-regenerating effects. It also activates the skin’s cell metabolism and promotes healthy blood circulation.

Dandelion root extract: Has anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective for various skin conditions such as eczema. The plant is also used in the treatment of wounds and infections.

Milk thistle seed extract: Due to its anti-inflammatory and liver-strengthening active ingredients, it helps to improve the skin‘s appearance and counteracts skin concerns such as acne, while protecting the skin from oxidative stress.

Horsetail extract (equisetum arvense): Contains valuable ingredients such as silica, which are important for healthy connective tissue and the elasticity of the skin.

Grape seed extract (from the variety vitis vinifera): Moisturizes the skin, tightens the tissue and can protect against premature aging of the skin.

Marigold flower extract: Has antibacterial effects and supports wound healing and the growth of new cells, thus the regeneration of the skin.

Bioperine®: A pepper extract that increases the bioavailability of other ingredients.

Coral Calcium®: Helps balance the pH of the body. The more balanced the pH, the higher the body’s ability to properly absorb and utilize the other active substances.

Niacinamide: A vitamin crucial for the skin, with an important role in regeneration and the binding of moisture.

Zinc: Indispensable for healthy skin, hair and nails, zinc also protects against harmful UV rays.

Folic acid: Also known as vitamin B9, folic acid promotes the building-up of important cell components in various organs.

Aloe vera leaf extract: Also known as desert lily, aloe contains about 220 active ingredients. Aloe vera is also known to have antibiotic properties and a regenerating effect when applied externally; when taken internally it also has a detoxifying effect, helping to maintain the youthful freshness of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid: As a component of the firming connective tissue, it helps regulate the moisture of the skin from within.

Biotin: An essential constructive vitamin that helps protect against cracked skin.

Astaxanthin: A source of carotene, thus a highly effective anti-aging substance for the skin.

Lutein and zeaxanthin: Both substances help protect against free radicals and oxidative stress.

Tocotrienol complex: A highly active substance that helps smooth and repair the skin.

MSM: A natural sulfur compound and important modulator of the immune system, with detoxifying properties.

The main application of Dermachron® is to protect against age-related changes to the skin. The potent ingredients in Dermachron® help protect against free radicals which damage the cells of the skin, accelerating its aging process. They also promote healthy cell regeneration and collagen formation, supporting a firmer, younger appearance.

AM capsule (morning)
daily dose
Vitamin A (as palmitate)
1500 mcg RAE
Vitamin C
60 mg
Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate)
13,4 mg
Selenium (Se)
100 mcg
Alpha lipoic acid
25 mg
Coenzyme Q10
20 mg
White tea leaf extract
50 mg
Red clover flower extract
120 mg
Dandelion root extract
100 mg
Milk thistle seed extract
100 mg
Burdock root extract
80 mg
Coral Calcium®
25 mg
5 mg

in pharmaceutical grade. Other ingredients: magnesium stearate.

PM capsule (evening)
daily dose
30 mg
Zinc (Zn)
10 mg
Folic acid
400 mcg
Aloe vera leaf extract
4 mg
Hyaluronic acid
6 mg
300 mcg
200 mcg
200 mcg
8 mcg
Tocotrienol complex
50 mg
500 mg
Horsetail extract (equisetum arvense)
170 mg
Grape seed extract (from the variety vitis vinifera)
11 mg
Marigold flower extract
4 mg

in pharmaceutical grade. Other ingredients: magnesium stearate.

In normal cases take 1 capsule AM (yellow) in the morning and 1 capsule PM (blue) in the evening with plenty of fluid.

Food supplements are no substitute for a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The indicated recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Persons under constant medical care should consult a physician before taking the supplements. Product information is not to be considered a statement regarding cure; in general, we advise against self-medication without proper consultation of a doctor. Subject to mistakes and print or typographical errors.

Store in a cool and dry environment, out of reach for children.


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