Coral Calcium®

This substance is involved in many vital transformations within the cells, while also acting as a powerful free-radical trap, protecting the cells against oxidative damage.

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  • Contains 73 vital trace elements, calcium and vitamin D
  • Supports healthy bone formation and bone density
  • Provides magnesium, for cardiovascular system protection
  • Supports a strong immune system and general well-being
  • Boosts the pH value of the body, providing a balancing effect in cases of hyperacidity

For centuries, corals have been known for their healing effects in many health conditions. Coral minerals can benefit heart, skin, muscle, joint and kidney health, while also helping to promote restful sleep and maintain healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges. Coral contains every mineral required by the body in a highly absorbable form. Experts opine that approximately 157 diseases are caused by a mineral deficiency.

Although coral preparations are often called «coral calcium», they contain not only calcium but every mineral required by the body. Coral’s efficacy for so many health concerns is largely based on this abundance of mineral trace elements.

Minerals are the basic building blocks of health. Enzymes, nerve cells and almost all biochemical processes require minerals to function properly. Monocultures and ruthless exploitation of the land, as well as environmental pollution, wash out many minerals from our soils, leading to a deficiency in our food and therefore also in our bodies.

Supplementing with coral minerals to balance a specific mineral deficiency can also improve overall health. By taking coral minerals, the mineral stores of the body are replenished and the pH value of the body reaches its natural alkaline state. This supports immune system strength and general health because diseases thrive in an acidic environment (low pH value) and are stunted in an alkaline environment (high pH value).

Corals are rich in calcium and an excellent source of supplementation because the calcium can be easily absorbed and does not cause constipation, which can occur when other types of calcium supplements are taken. Calcium is an important component of coral, but even more important are the trace elements contained in the coral.

What are coral minerals? Sea animals take up ionic oceanic minerals and excrete them in the form of coral. Therefore, the minerals in coral are organic, or produced by an animal. Inorganic minerals can only be utilized by the body to a limited extent, and with great difficulty. The 73 trace elements / minerals contained in coral are organic, and therefore highly assimilable.

Also, coral minerals ionize when they come into contact with moisture, which makes them easier for the body to utilize. Coral minerals also exist in a natural state of balance – this allows each mineral to be fully effective.

The replenishment of the body’s mineral stores can be quantified through a change in the body’s pH value. In healthy people, the body fluids and tissues exist in a slightly alkaline state (high pH value). However, insufficient nutrition, taking medications, environmental pollution and stress lead to hyperacidity (low pH value). An alkaline body state, with its high pH value denoting that it is rich in oxygen, is important since we are «oxygen creatures». Oxygen is the substance that is most important for human life. All named and unnamed disease states have one thing in common: a body full of waste products due to hyperacidity. Decades ago, Otto Heinrich Warburg, the only physician to twice receive the Nobel prize, proved that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

Bone health: Calcium is the most common element in the human body; 99 percent of it is bound in the bones and teeth. It is an essential part of bone and tooth formation and its deficiency leads to bone degradation and loss of bone density. Absorption of calcium is primarily dependent on vitamin D. A combined deficiency in these two substances causes rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Vegetarians and individuals who are rarely exposed to sunlight are more likely to exhibit symptoms of a vitamin D or calcium deficiency.

Muscle / nervous system health: A lack of calcium can lead to muscle cramps and disturbances in the signal transmission of the nervous system.

Calcium is also necessary for healthy blood coagulation. It is also involved in protecting against allergies and helping to maintain healthy blood pressure within normal ranges. Additionally, calcium binds fat and cholesterol in the digestive tract and could help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels within normal ranges.

Even more important than the calcium content of Coral Calcium® is its mineral and trace element content. When the body assimilates and absorbs coral minerals properly, specific deficiencies in trace elements come into balance, and the body’s mineral stores are replenished. Health disturbances caused by a lack of trace elements are improved and a healthy immune system is supported, which has positive effects on overall health and well-being.

One capsule contains:
600 mg
coral minerals
Vitamin D3
10 mcg
(as cholecalciferol)

Other ingredients:
magnesium stearate.

The product is vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free,
not genetically modified.
Capsule shell vegetarian.

In normal cases take 1 capsule daily with plenty of fluid.
Depending on the clinical picture, the dose may be increased to 9 capsules a day.
There is no known upper limit of Coral Calcium® that has a toxic effect.

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of the reach of children. Store protected from light and dry at room temperature.
The published information is not a cure and is not intended as a request or suggestion for self-medication.
Errors and typographical errors excepted.


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