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The Longevity Health Group, manufacturer of VitaBasix® products, among other things, was founded in 1996 by leading American chemical and raw material companies (producers of vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbal vital substances).

While the American manufacturers in the USA and Canada continue to operate under their own various company and brand names, products of the highest quality and purity are sold in Europe under the joint brand VitaBasix®.

Research & Development

Together with doctors and scientists from international universities and clinics, primarily chronobiological products are developed that are intended to live up to the company slogan “Stop Aging – Start Living”.

The latest findings from worldwide studies and our own application observations are constantly being incorporated into the further development and improvement of the VitaBasix® preparations.

Production & Quality

At several locations in Arizona, California, New York and Utah, the highest quality raw materials are processed in pharmaceutically pure quality under the strictest quality controls in accordance with GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) of the American health authority (FDA, Food and Drug Administration).

The manufacturing companies are constantly checked by the responsible authorities and independent experts. Both the raw materials used and the end products go through a multi-stage quality assurance process to ensure absolute purity and the correct composition of each production batch.

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