Cleanzin® is a blend of herbs, fruits and spices that helps the body to eliminate toxins and contaminants naturally. This detoxification therapy helps to restore vitality and balance and boost resistance to infections and stress.

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  • Promotes the elimination of toxins and contaminants
  • Helps to restore vitality and energy
  • Supports healthy excretory f­unctions
  • Helps to increase resistance to infections and allergies

Each day, our bodies are bombarded by toxic substances that alter our immune functions, causing neurotoxicity that can result in hormonal and psychological concerns.

A good detoxification formula helps the body to eliminate harmful substances and restores the health of the body and mind, preserving the intestinal flora and reinforcing the immune system and the ability of the body to react to infections, allergies and skin problems. At the same time, it helps to support joint health, heart health, healthy blood sugar levels and healthy weight maintenance.

If our lymphatic system does not work correctly, harmful toxins are deposited in our tissues. Intestinal cleansing may be carried out in various ways, for example through fasting or the application of enemas. An efficient and more pleasant method of internal cleansing is to ingest natural detoxifying herbs like the ones contained in Cleanzin®.

Detoxification (purification) is the natural mechanism by which the body neutralizes and eliminates toxins and other harmful substances. This process is carried out by the liver, kidneys, skin, intestines, lungs and via sweating. A healthy immune system and a properly functioning elimination system can deal with a large toxin load. However, those with damaged organs can only sufficiently rebalance and purify the body through detoxification therapy.

The most important beneficial long-term effect is a reduced load on the immune system. Other benefits, including helping to maintain healthy blood pressure and blood lipid levels within normal ranges, can also be achieved. Detoxification improves the body’s ability to assimilate vitamins and mineral salts, and consequently its performance skills. There are a whole series of useful phytonutrients that can aid in detoxification, as follows.

Plantago major: Apart from being used for breathing concerns, Plantago major aids digestion, promotes healthy metabolism and weight loss and supports kidney and bladder health.

Plantago ovata: The highest levels of beneficial substances can be found in the skin of the seeds of this plant. Plantago ovata also possesses a special ability to help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, supports healthy blood pressure within normal ranges and supports a healthy metabolism.

Kaolin: This substance can help detoxify and purify the body. By bonding toxins to food, kaolin can accelerate the detoxification process. Furthermore, it soothes heartburn and minor articular discomfort.

Cascara sagrada: The extract of Cascara sagrada works as an excellent laxative. Its hydro-anthracene by-products and bitter substances also help to stimulate digestion. It can also address other concerns such as bile and haemorrhoids.

Capsicum (cayenne pepper powder): Chili pepper is a natural fat burner. Capsaicin, a substance that provides all peppers with their typical spiciness, possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while also helping to ease minor discomfort, support a healthy immune system and encourage a healthy appetite. Pepper favours detoxification and digestion while exhibiting a diuretic effect and helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges.

Garlic: The protective substances contained in garlic promote detoxification and healthy weight maintenance. The constituent allicin is responsible for garlic’s main benefits, helping to fight free radicals and in the process protecting the cellular membranes from damage. Garlic has a beneficial effect on the intestines and can promote cardiovascular and immune system health.

Rose hip: The benefits of rosehip have been known for many years. It contains 50 times more vitamin C than lemon and is rich in antioxidants that make it excellent for purifying the body and supporting healthy fat metabolism. It also purifies the blood and kidneys while promoting healthy inflammatory processes. What’s more, the galactolipids in rosehip can benefit joint health.

Aloe vera: Aloe contains approximately 220 medicinal ingredients that favour purification and detoxification of the body while also encouraging healthy liver, intestinal and kidney function. Aloe vera has positive effects on the immune system. It may also be useful in treating indigestion, skin concerns and asthma while promoting cardiovascular health and healthy blood sugar levels.

Rhubarb root: Rhubarb contains several vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for health. It has a high pectin content, which stimulates healthy digestion and appetite. The sodium in rhubarb root stimulates bowel movements and purifies the blood. Its potassium content helps maintain healthy blood pressure and has a hydrating effect. Furthermore, rhubarb can soothe the nerves.

Juglans nigra (black walnut): The shell of black walnuts contains numerous active ingredients that help to cleanse the colon and detoxify the body. The most important include: juglone, which offers protection against parasites; tannins, which help maintain healthy blood pressure and protect the liver and cells; iodine, which has a positive effect on the thyroid.

Senna leaves: The sennosides A-F, mucilage, essential oils and flavonoids contained in these leaves work very efficiently to regulate intestinal functions and provide a purifying and laxative effect.

Linum usitatissimum (flax seed): Flax is known for its laxative effect. Apart from regulating the intestines, this plant promotes healthy weight maintenance and cholesterol and blood pressure levels within normal ranges. The lignans in flaxseed also help to protect cellular health.

Ulmus fulva (red elm): The mucilage contained in the bark of red elm softens faeces, helping expulsion. This plant is also efficient in treating minor abdominal discomfort from inflammatory illnesses of the intestines.

Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice): Licorice root is useful for detoxification and for supporting liver health. The active ingredient in licorice possesses anti-viral properties, helps to modulate inflammation and supports healthy blood pressure within normal ranges.

Marshmallow: Marshmallow is very mucilaginous, and therefore used mainly to soothe mucous membranes in cases of colds, indigestion, skin irritation and bladder infections.

Peppermint: Peppermint is a precious medicinal plant when it comes to protecting the gastrointestinal tract, as it helps to regulate digestion and soothe intestinal spasms. It soothes the gallbladder and certain uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Symptoms that indicate the need for a detoxification therapy include indigestion, chronic headaches, muscle and articulation pains, allergies, lumbago and insomnia, as well as food intolerances, breast infections and acne.

For a general diagnosis of the state of health of your body, your hair, feces, urine, blood and liver function can be analysed by a physician.

One capsule (clear) contains:
Plantago major
40 mg
Plantago ovata
40 mg
25 mg
Cascara sagrada
20 mg
Capsicum (Cayenne pepper powder)
15 mg
15 mg
Rose hip
15 mg
Aloe vera
15 mg
Rhubarb root
10 mg
Juglans nigra (black walnut)
10 mg
Senna leaves
10 mg
Linum usitatissimum (flax seed)
10 mg
Ulmus fulva (red elm)
10 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice)
5 mg
5 mg
5 mg

in pharmaceutical grade.
Other ingredients: rice flour, magnesium stearate.

In normal cases, at the beginning of a detoxification program take 1 – 2 capsules daily with plenty of fluid before going to bed. The dosage may be increased in the course of treatment or based on the instructions of the doctor.

Food supplements are no substitute for a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The indicated recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Persons under constant medical care should consult a physician before taking the supplements. Product information is not to be considered a statement regarding cure; in general, we advise against self-medication without proper consultation of a doctor. Subject to mistakes and print or typographical errors.

Store in a cool and dry environment, out of reach for children.


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