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Men’s Health


A chronobiological food supplement for men over 50 with weak drive and the beginning of testosterone deficiency. A natural «testosterone booster» which enhances performance capacity, libido and muscular strength. Androchron® contains a unique combination of vital ingredients that guarantees maximal efficiency paired with minimal risk.


Ideal food supplement to compensate energy weakness and to prevent burn-out in women and men. Increases the efficiency of the mitochondria and improves anti oxidative capacities.


DHEA is a base for several endogenous hormones in the body and a natural hormonal aid for healthy aging.

DHEA 7 Keto

7 Keto DHEA is a natural metabolite of DHEA which, however, is not transformed into sexual hormones. It has the same positive effect as DHEA but none of its potential disadvantages.

Fertilichron® male

Chronobiological mixture of medicinal plants for increasing the vitality and mobility of sperms and the sperm count.


The invigorating root from the South American Andes enhances vitality and sexual desire and helps against chronic fatigue and depression.


Purely vegetable substances to increase energy and libido. The combination of active ingredients optimally tailored to the requirements of men and women increases sexual stamina and performance and improves the well-being. Successfully fights listlessness, fatigue and general physical exhaustion.


The medicinal plant to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy


Mixture of well-proven medicinal plant extracts for optimum protection against age-related prostate complaints as well as for alleviating nocturia – formulated on the basis of the latest chronobiological principles.


Tribulus is a plant-based «testosterone booster» which enhances physical performance, libido and muscular growth in a natural way.

Vitachron® male

A chronobiological combination of active ingredients for ­ensuring the male body gets the best possible supply of all the essential ­vitamins, trace elements, minerals and plant-based active ingredients it needs. It increases vitality and performance.