Wie Urlaubsstress Ihre Libido killt (und was Sie dagegen tun können)

How Holiday Stress Can Kill Your Libido (And What You Can Do About It)

Did you know that day-to-day stress and a healthy libido can’t coexist? In other words, don’t expect to enjoy a healthy sex life for the next month or so if you’re prone to holiday stress. But don’t despair! Here are some helpful tips and tricks to minimize stress so you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest in every way.

The Science Behind Holiday Stress and Libido

Cortisol has gained notoriety as “the fat-causing” stress hormone. Although low self-esteem and self-consciousness about weight are reasons people shy away from intimacy in the bedroom, cortisol can contribute to low libido in other ways. A U.S. National Library of Medicine article examining the correlation between holiday stress and libido describes a study that gauged the correlation between high cortisol (including that caused by holiday stress) and low libido. Cortisol is released after eating and in response to stress. After stress and eating, especially eating fast, cortisol makes sure energy is sent to where energy is needed to prepare for fight or flight. The study found that sexual arousal and high cortisol levels cannot coexist. Basically, if one is high the other is low. Applying this science to real life, it’s a scientific fact that you’re not going be dying to get into bed and have a sizzling hot night with your partner after preparing large meals, taking long-distance trips and spending hours shopping for the perfect gift for everyone.

How Holiday Stress Can Kill Your Libido (And What You Can Do About It)Author Alexander Solomon talks about the energy of being and doing. During the holidays, there’s just too much doing, which is stress-inducing (thus cortisol-inducing). Honest, genuine sex is the result of just being. It is the result of a clear, unboggled mind that has sloughed away unhealthy thoughts. It requires letting go of some traditional holiday duties or finding ways to just forget about how stressful the day was. This also means there is no end goal, such as finishing quickly to go to bed early, finishing to conceive, or maybe just engaging in sex because it’s the right thing for a couple to do. In addition, being means there is no anxiety about how good you look or how your performance compares to the next person’s. Sex should flow naturally and have a level of spontaneity; its natural enemy is stress.

So, what are the best ways to unwind, live in the moment and drop that “on a mission” attitude? During the holidays, it may be quite difficult to let go and just be, and as we discussed, holiday stress and low libido are directly related. National holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving, in particular, have become more than just holidays. Each season, we feel obligated to jump on the bandwagon of feasting, traveling and spending so much money that businesses and a portion of our national economy depend on consumer activities during the holidays in order to stay afloat. To avoid the low libido that can accompany the pressure and stress that comes with the holidays, here are a few natural stress relievers to help you get in the mood.

Natural Ways to Sever the Holiday Stress and Libido Connection

Natural Supplements

Hormone-balancing supplements are staples in fighting lethargy and low libido, both of which can result from the fast-paced, intense atmosphere of the holidays. Herbal supplements that help maintain healthy hormone balance can be quite imperative today. Both men and women are at risk for estrogen dominance, which can cause a wealth of health issues beyond low libido and fatigue. Supplements like red raspberry leaf, vitex and maca can make sure progesterone, testosterone and thyroid hormones, which are absolutely essential for healthy sex drive, stay in healthy balance.

Macabido is one natural supplement that can help soothe stress while also providing natural ingredients that promote healthy hormone balance. Macabido is a libido-boosting formula that contains the traditional sexual health and energy remedy maca. Incan women used it to balance their hormones and boost energy, fertility and libido, and it has remained a natural remedy in Peru for centuries. Incan men also used maca, as this superfood had the same effects on them. In men, it boosts energy and increases sex drive while promoting sexual health.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

At least 10 minutes of meditation a day sends your mind to a higher level, also known as alpha level. In alpha, the mind is less focused on thoughts that elicit negative emotions, and you are ushered into a state of perceived well-being. This is perhaps one of the best ways to combat holiday stress and focus on the true meaning of the holidays: vacation, time off and fellowship with loved ones. Through the process of medication, cortisol levels will decrease as a result of decreased stress, thus providing a healthy prerequisite for sexual desire. The best way to initiate meditation is slow, deep breathing. You can also try counting backward while taking deep breaths. During meditation, try to visualize a peaceful setting, and let your thoughts flow freely without inhibiting them. It’s about letting go of thoughts and emotions entering a state that is as peaceful as possible.

Take action, and follow the above advice. Your libido doesn’t have to suffer from the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

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