Steigern Sie Ihre Vitalität mit natürlichen Energie-Boostern

Boost Vitality With Natural Energy Boosters

Healthy behaviors and healthy living have a great impact on a quality of life, mortality and chronic diseases. A variety of natural energy boosters have been recognized for millennia for their ability to create long-term sustainable benefits without the use of habit-forming drugs and chemicals. Studies have shown that a combination of proper nutrition, physical activity and a nature-inclined attitude towards everyday challenges establishes healthy habits and a positive outlook on life. The list of natural energy boosters is virtually endless, as this topic has been the subject of research for thousands of years. Here is a short list of some of the most effective natural remedies for boosting energy and vitality.


Perhaps the most versatile of the natural energy boosters is maca, a vegetable crop native to Peru that has been cultivated for 3000 years. As the benefits of this vegetable have been known for centuries, maca is used as a component of different formulas to enhance energy levels, treat symptoms of menopause and improve memory and stamina. In addition, it has been implemented in natural therapies focused on libido, fertility, menstrual issues, anemia and fatigue. Maca has also been successfully incorporated into numerous natural recipes.


Energy Boost, ginsengThis fleshy root is believed to provide an energy boost and sense of wellbeing. Its therapeutic properties have been used for a variety of conditions such as fatigue and an overall feeling of weakness. It stimulates mental and physical activity and may help protect against inflammation. Ginseng is also used in therapies whose aim is to maintain healthy cell growth. Ginseng has also been used to promote healthy sexual performance in men.


Niacin is one of the eight B vitamins and an important natural energy booster found in many foods. It helps turn food into energy and keeps the skin healthy. Its additional benefits include maintenance of a healthy nervous system. Good food sources of niacin are milk, mushrooms, anchovies and certain types of meat. Consumed regularly, niacin regulates metabolism and sustains proper energy levels. Niacin is often used as a component in natural supplements for its valuable properties and relatively quick results.


Energy Boost, rosemary This popular herb, typically used for cooking, also comes with other benefits such as being an effective natural energy booster. The aroma of crushed rosemary is known to invigorate and stimulate the senses. Its other properties include helping to maintain a healthy circulatory system and enhancing memory. Rosemary is rich in anti-oxidants and improves the performance of the digestive system. In addition, this fragrant herb helps to protect against macular degeneration, often associated with the process of aging.


Low levels of iron often cause sluggishness and depleted energy levels. Iron carries hemoglobin that is responsible for carrying oxygen to every cell in the body, allowing for the conversion of oxygen into energy. Correct amounts of iron support the process of metabolism for all active organs and muscles. Green leafy vegetables and red meat are great sources of iron, especially when combined with appropriate doses of iron supplements.

Avena Sativa

Energy Boost, Avena SativaAlso called wild oats, avena sativa is a traditional herbal remedy recognized for its ability to heal the body, mind and spirit. It generates energy and supports sexual stamina. This herb supports proper hormone levels and encourages sexual desire in men by helping to maintain healthy amounts of testosterone. Avena sativa is described as a sexual aphrodisiac and may be helpful for mature men who may be experiencing a decline in their sexual arousal due to the normal aging process.


Fresh air and the sunshine are indisputably the most effective natural energy boosters. It is recommended you set aside a minimum of 30 minutes daily for the outdoors, especially during the winter when people are prone to become easily depressed. The natural benefits of sunlight include healthy doses of vitamin D, necessary for strong and healthy bones. Natural sunlight is credited with the ability to protect against osteoporosis and to promote a feeling of contentment and well-being, resulting in enhanced levels of energy.


Energy Boost, water Sufficient amounts of water detoxify the body, flush out the toxins and maximize the functions of all bodily systems. Dehydration is frequently one of the most common reasons for energy loss. Keeping the body properly hydrated will keep the cells, tissues and muscles rejuvenated and at their peak performance. Maintaining personal wellness depends greatly on adopting a natural way of living. The experience should be geared towards improving your health, maintaining libido and improving overall quality of life.

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