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Chronobiology – Rhythm of Life
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Click on the image for a detailed description of the chronobiological phases over the course of a day.

Each cell in our body follows its own specific inner rhythm. Activity and regeneration, reaction and rest follow each other. External and internal time givers control our physical, mental and emotional functions. It is therefore evident that the effect of medicines also varies throughout the day.

Chronotherapy investigates the effect of therapeutic measures in harmony with our inner clock. This knowledge is infinitely valuable for the committed doctor. It can help avoid doing the right thing at the wrong time. Chronotherapy can be the decisive factor in supporting the body exactly at a time the assistance achieves a maximum effect. Thus, efficacy is increased and undesirable disturbing side effects are reduced.

in the morning activating, in the evening regenerating

The four elements of chronobiology:

  • the optimal substance
  • the right quantity
  • the selected target organ
  • the most effective time point

New product: Ferrochron®

Our range of chronobiological products:

A chronobiologically oriented blend of substances for men over 50. Naturally enhances performance capacity, libido and muscular strength. more Info

Chronobiologically oriented formula for optimal supply of nutrients required by the joints. Regenerates cartilage and has an anti-inflammatory effect. more Info

Optimal combination of natural substances to enhance cardio vascular health. Chrono­bio­logical administration in form of morning and evening tablets. more Info

Combination of active ingredients according to chronobiologic principles to fight cellulite internally. more Info

Chronobiologic form of administration of highly effective substances for healthy hair and nails. Promotes hair growth from within. more Info


Chronoslim® activates the fat burning and simultaneously inhibits the rebuilding of fat deposits. The chronobiological concerted ingredients also regulate the sugar metabolism and thereby promote a positive weight management. more Info

Supplies the skin at the accurate time of day with a unique blend of substances to prevent premature aging of the skin. Prevents wrinkles from the inside out.
more Info

Chronobiologically oriented composition of substances to regulate glucose metabolism. Prevents late complications of diabetes.
more Info

Chronobiological dietary supplement with three different iron salts as a multi-layered tablet for controlled release.
more Info

Fertilichron® female
Phytochemicals and other dietary supplements of anti-aging medicine in chronobiological form to improve female fertility.
Opens internal link in current windowmore Info

Fertilichron® male
Chronobiological mixture of medicinal plants for increasing the vitality and mobility of sperms and the sperm count. more Info


Improvement of the intestinal flora by ingestion of a chronobiologically developed prebiotic (morning) and probiotic (evening) bacteria mixture with a synergistic action.
more Info

A chronobiology based Melatonin preparation for improving the behavior of falling asleep and sleeping through the night. The patented formulation guarantees the release of Melatonin for a period of up to 8 hours. more Info

Chronobiologically based formulation to treat the typical symptoms of menopause. Due to its natural components it is free of risks or side effects. more Info

Chronobiological dietary supplement to compensate for a lack of energy and protect against burnout. Improves energy performance and boosts mitochondrial function in the individual cells while at the same time providing enhanced protection against oxidative damage. Opens internal link in current windowmore Info

A chronobiologically oriented combination of substances for the optimal supply of nutrients required by the brain. Improves memory and prevents age-related loss of mental abilities. more Info


Chronobiological preparation for the prevention of uncontrolled cell growth in the body organs. more Info

A chronobiologically oriented formulation for the optimal supply of nutrients required by bones. Ensures strong, healthy and stable bones. more Info

A chronobiologically oriented formulation for the optimal supply of pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. Contains all important vitamins and vital substances required in this phase of life. more Info

Mixture of well-proven medicinal plant extracts for optimum protection against age-related prostate complaints as well as for alleviating nocturia – formulated on the basis of the latest chronobiological principles. more Info


Well-balanced combination of the best researched anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative secondary plant substances from four millennia of anti-aging medicine.
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Depressions are treated naturally by raising the serotonin level. more Info



Chronobiological formulation to protect the retina of the eye against harmful effects and to prevent age related visual deseases such as macular degeneration and cataract.
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A chronobiologically oriented formulation for the optimal supply of the female and male organism with all important vitamins, trace elements, minerals and herbal substances. Improves vitality, performance and abilities. more Info

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