Wie ADHS die Sexualität beeinflusst

How ADHD Affects Sexuality

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD,  is a disorder involving the brain in which fluctuating periods of inattention and hyperactivity affect a person’s development and ability to function. ADHD precipitates several manifestations that could threaten one’s ability to learn or perform a variety of routine tasks. In this article, we will examine the biological and mental processes by which this affliction might impact the sexuality of stricken individuals, as well as the methods such persons can employ to overcome some of the setbacks relating to this ailment, as well as the associated sexual problems.

The Manifestations Of ADHD

Many are aware that ADHD impacts young people, but it is also seen in adults and can actually be more severe in older persons. The symptoms of ADHD are divided into three distinct categories: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.


Those diagnosed with ADHD might display difficulty concentrating, cannot complete simple tasks or finish one endeavor before going on to the next one, are easily distracted, may be extremely disorganized, frequently experience forgetfulness and perform work in a messy and sloppy manner.


ADHD sufferers might have a hard time remaining still, talk incessantly, or display an inability to stay quiet or complete tasks quietly.


Those affected with ADHD may show impatience, interrupt others when they are speaking and/or speak out of turn or at inopportune times.

How ADHD Affects Sexuality

The manifestations of ADHD can adversely impact an affected person’s sexuality in several ways, just a few of which are detailed below.

Diminished Sex Drive

How ADHD Affects Sexuality 1For some people, ADHD might result in episodes of anxiety and depression. A common symptom often witnessed by those stricken with these mental maladies is a decreased libido. Anxiety may precipitate sexual performance concerns that ultimately turn into performance problems. Full-blown performance anxiety could turn an impacted person away from intercourse altogether. Depressed individuals often lose interest in activities they once enjoyed, most notably sex.

Sexual Performance Problems

Performing sexually often requires concentration and focus. Individuals with ADHD may be unable to maintain a clear mind during intercourse and lose interest in their partners or exhibit an inability to execute specific sexual tasks. In men, this often presents itself through premature ejaculation. Women with ADHD are known to experience a condition known as Female Orgasmic Disorder. This issue is characterized by the inability to reach climax during a sexual encounter.

Impulsive Behavior

Certain individuals diagnosed with ADHD exhibit impulsive behavior. Often, such persons partake in reckless or bizarre activities without first considering the possible consequences of these actions. Sexually, impulsivity could translate into excessive, if not potentially dangerous behaviors like engaging in unprotected sex, having intercourse with numerous sexual partners or displaying an interest in pornography and other fetishes. These proclivities might not only lead to the development of injury or disease but could also precipitate problems maintaining any kind of sexual or even personal relationships.


ADHD sufferers afflicted with this particular manifestation of their illness express an increased, if not overly excessive libido and feel the urge to engage in intercourse and at excessive rate in order to control burning desires.

Helpful Methods Those With ADHD Can Employ

People with ADHD do not always experience the same physical and mental manifestations of this disorder. Specific treatment protocols are often geared towards addressing the specific symptoms each patient presents. Some therapeutic endeavors include:


Certain drugs such as Ritalin have proved successful in helping some ADHD sufferers overcome issues like concentration difficulties. That said, many medical professionals opine that medication is most effective when used in conjunction with other therapeutic undertakings. In addition, several ADHD drugs elicit side effects, a few of which could potentially be serious. Therefore, ADHD patients prescribed medications are advised to keep in close consultation with their physicians.

Behavioral Therapy

How ADHD Affects Sexuality 2These treatment protocols center on helping ADHD patients identify professional, personal or emotional triggers that might precipitate manifestations of the ailment and work to create environments where such triggers can be tempered or avoided.

Establish A Strong Support System

ADHD patients might notice a gradual improvement in their condition if they surround themselves with compassionate and understanding relatives and friends willing to provide a comfortable and safe environment for their loved ones to address their issues.

Identifying and following a treatment plan may bring about a gradual improvement in the specific manifestations an ADHD sufferer might experience. Addressing the mental symptoms caused by ADHD could result in alleviation or elimination of any sexual manifestations. However, if the sexual symptoms persist, they may be caused by some other mental, emotional or internal illness. In such instances, diagnosing the specific causes might require a full medical evaluation. There are countless maladies that might precipitate symptoms that adversely impact a person’s sexuality.

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