This central inhibitive neurotransmitter works as a natural sedative.

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LHP12011 Gaba
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  • The body’s natural sedative
  • Helpful in cases of overstimulation
  • Soothes anxiety naturally
  • Promotes optimal muscle mass in athletes
  • Helps relieve minor aches and ­bodily discomfort
  • Supports a healthy mood
  • Can be helpful in cases of ­spasmodic fits

We live in a world where we are always subjected to external stimuli. Noise, visual stimuli, computer work and stress are all factors that may easily lead to overstimulation and overstrain. Burnout syndrome has become a widespread health concern, and the sale of psychopharmaceuticals and drugs that make it possible to «come down» has soared in the past few years. As child psychologists and pediatricians can testify, it is not uncommon that these problems begin in childhood. Ever more frequently children exhibit concentration disturbances to the point that they cannot bear to sit still, be it at home or school, and must be treated for hyperactivity syndrome.

The good news is that nature itself has made provisions for such cases and that the human body can produce its own natural sedative – GABA. Unfortunately, due to the massive overstimulation it contends with daily, the body’s resources are usually not sufficient – and the result is disturbed sleep and lack of concentration. In short, it gets more and more difficult for the body to relax.

GABA, short for gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a non-essential amino acid, which means that it can be produced by the body (from another amino acid called glutamine). GABA is the most important inhibiting neurotransmitter in the brain. From a functional point of view, this means that GABA inhibits the transmission of signals in the nerve endings and therefore plays a very important role as a «gatekeeper». GABA can be found in about 30 percent of all nerve cells, and inhibition of the synthesis of GABA can lead to spasmodic fits. Therefore, GABA is considered the brain’s natural «sedative».

With advancing age, GABA levels and activity drop, a fact that may contribute to certain age-related health concerns that involve movement disorders and muscle cramps.

Additionally, GABA promotes the release of growth hormone (GH), one of the most important hormones in the body, which is produced in and released by the pituitary gland. Growth hormone is, among others, an important substance for the building up of muscle mass, and also promotes healthy aging while protecting against many health conditions.

The pharmaceutical industry has, of course, been aware of the sedative effects of GABA for quite a long time, and there exist several drugs that intervene in the GABA cycle and imitate GABA’s effects. Among them are most of the tranquilizers and soporifics, as well as the best-known group, the benzodiazepines, whose most prominent representative is valium. Alcohol also docks at the GABA binding sites in the brain, which is the reason behind its sedative effect.

When there is a GABA deficiency in the brain, various GABA-associated disorders may occur, as has already been mentioned. Supplementing with natural GABA may help with the following health concerns and symptoms:

Anxiety and inner unrest: Unlike traditional tranquilizers and psychopharmaceuticals, GABA is non-habit-forming and has none of the other side effects of these substances. If a GABA deficiency is present, one can simply supplement with the «domestic remedy» provided by nature.

Mood disorders: Mood disorders seem to go hand-in-hand with low GABA levels. This was proven in research involving women suffering from low mood due to pre-menstrual syndrome. In these cases, filling the GABA receptors may significantly improve the emotional state.

Spasmodic fits: GABA can positively affect certain forms of spasmodic fits, even in children.

The administration of GABA following episodes of disrupted blood flow to the brain is quite successful in helping to restore functions such as memory and the faculty of speech.

GABA and muscle mass: It has been scientifically proven that GABA enhances GH release, and therefore encourages optimal muscle mass. If taken correctly, and after appropriate training, GABA promotes muscle mass buildup and can also cause the muscles to appear more defined due to lower fat content. These effects can be observed after about eight weeks. A second important point is that GABA can soothe minor pain and discomfort. Sports competitors who take GABA in support of their training activities frequently report that the training-related discomfort is less and/or the tolerance threshold higher.

Une gélule contient 750 mg de GABA (acide gamma-amino-butyrique).
Autres ingrédients: stéarate de magnésium.

Le produit est végétarien, sans gluten, sans lactose, non génétiquement modifié.
Enveloppe de la capsule végétarienne.

En général, prendre 2 à 6 gélules au maximum, au besoin, par jour avec assez d’eau.

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