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The concentrated power of mother’s milk. Colostrum is the key for better health and optimal wellbeing also for adults. The unique components of first milk act like a fountain of youth for the whole body.

Basic Facts

Colostrum is a secretion which is produced by the mammary gland of young mothers within the first 24 to 48 hours after giving birth. This first milk differs from the mature mother’s milk in its composition and color and is of particular value for the newly born.

Colostrum gives the baby all the important nutrients it so urgently needs within the first few days of its life.

Actually, colostrum is a perfectly balanced combination of immune substances and growth factors. In it, the components form a mix of active substances which as such is more valuable than the mere sum of its individual components.

Colostrum unites substances which protect the body against infections and both regulate and support the immune system. Moreover, colostrum contains numerous nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals as well as trace elements.

The immunoglobulins (antibodies) contained in colostrum are of greatest value. There are various types of antibodies which each have a special task within the defenses of the body. On the whole, immunoglobulins neutralize toxins and combat bacteria and viruses.

In addition, colostrum also contains the substances lactoferrin and lysozyme, which have antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

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In practice, the intake of colostrum has proven to be beneficial in many different complaints. On the whole it increases health and promotes wellbeing. Also athletes frequently take a daily dose of colostrum. It helps to promote the buildup of muscles and to increase individual performance. It is in particular athletes who report about the amazing effects of colostrum since upon discontinuation of the intake of this milk product they simply no longer feel as well as they did when they regularly ingested colostrum.

In particular, the intake of colostrum helps in all diseases which weaken the body’s own defense system – that is colds, infections, etc. Particularly favorable effects were also observed in people suffering from burn-out or chronic fatigue. In these cases, colostrum can perform true miracles. The list of uses for colostrum is quite long. In any case one should not forget to mention allergies, injuries and autoimmune diseases (e. g. rheumatism) where the regular intake of colostrum has helped many patients. Colostrum is also well-suited for losing weight since its content in growth factors accelerates the reduction of fat.

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The favorable effects colostrum has on health and wellbeing if taken on a daily basis have been confirmed by a great variety of empirical reports by patients and doctors alike. The exact modes of action are partly explained by the various components of colostrum whose combination seems to lead to these favorable overall properties.

Increased wellbeing: among the most obvious effects of colostrum are improved health and increased wellbeing if the preparation is taken on a daily basis in addition to the usual fare.

Strengthened immune system: apart from these global effects, colostrum mainly increases the activity of the immune system. It also has an antibacterial effect and helps to overcome infections with viruses or fungal pathogens. In all, colostrum contains more than 37 different immune factors that are advantageous for the organism. These substances help the body to heal diseases or to strengthen the healthy organism to such an extent that it is not susceptible to infections.

Help in case of autoimmune disturbances: on the other hand, numerous diseases are caused by an overactivity of the body’s own immune system. These disturbances are called autoimmune diseases and they cause the immune system to attack healthy tissue. The result of such processes are inflammations, swollen joints, muscle and nerve pain. One of the most frequent immune disturbances is rheumatic arthritis but also other diseases such as allergies, asthma, diabetes or multiple sclerosis are among these disturbances. It is a specific property of colostrum that its regular intake may positively influence this pathologic overactivity of the immune system.

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One capsule contains 480 mg colostrum in pharmaceutical grade.

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How much colostrum is to be taken per day varies greatly from person to person. In any case there is just one rule: «Take as much as does you good!» This means that every­body should find his / her dosage himself / herself. In general it has turned out that one can choose between ½ and 14 capsules a day. This, of course, also depends whether there exists an acute disease or whether colostrum is simply taken as a prophylactic within a healthy and well-balanced diet. As a guideline, the following recommendations can be used:

  • health prophylaxis
    2 times a day 1 – 2 capsules
  • chronic fatigue, burn-out
    2 times a day 1 – 3 capsules
  • allergies (e. g. hay fever)
    2 times a day 2 – 3 capsules
  • arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia
    2 times a day 4 – 7 capsules
  • dysmenorrhea
    2 times a day 2 – 5 capsules
  • colds, bronchitis
    initially 2 times a day 1 – 2 capsules, dosage increase by 1 – 3 additional capsules 2 times a day

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Side Effects, Contraindications

When the dosage guidelines are observed, no side effects are to be expected nor are there any contraindications for colostrum. If the dosage is too high, it may initially lead to abdominal discomfort or even diarrhea. This, however, is not to be considered a side effect. What happens is that the intake of colostrum leads to a purification and such abdominal complaints are simply the signs of a beginning detoxification process – they show that colostrum is effective.

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When taking colostrum capsules, two things should be kept in mind. First of all, the capsule should be taken with a few sips of water so that colostrum can pass the stomach faster and get into the intestine, where it is then digested. The second point is that colostrum capsules should, ideally, be taken ½ hour before a meal or at least 2 hours after. Experience has shown that this increases the efficacy of the preparation.

Generally, self-medication should be avoided and the preparation should only be taken after having consulted a specialist first. Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

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