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Immune System, Cell Protection & Antioxidants

Alpha Lipoic Acid-ALA®

Alpha lipoic acid-ALA® is the universal antioxidant which slows aging processes and helps in case of diabetes, eye problems and disorders of the fat metabolism.


AminoBasix® contains the most important essential and semi-essential amino acids and enhances the production of the body’s own growth hormone, stimulates the development of muscles and strengthens the immune system.


B-Plex contains the most important B vitamins in an optimal combination (together with vitamin C and MSM). The various B vitamins are important for a number of essential functions of the body such as metabolism and cell renewal. The vitamin B complex is considered to be the energy provider for body and mind.


Ideal food supplement to compensate energy weakness and to prevent burn-out in women and men. Increases the efficiency of the mitochondria and improves anti oxidative capacities.


Optimal combination of natural substances to enhance cardio vascular health. Chronobiological administration in form of morning and evening capsules.


A multitude of factors is considered to cause the aging of the organism and the cell itself. Carnosine has the potential to slow these aging processes by protecting and regenerating proteins  and lipids. Carnosine is capable of prolonging the life span of  the cells and the organism.


Due to its unique effects, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is of great importance for the protection against chronic diseases, in particular, for the prevention of cancers and their progression. Moreover, the intake of CLA with the daily food also leads to a reduction of the share of body fat.


The detoxification therapy. The mix of herbs, fruit and spices helps the body to get rid of toxins and contaminants in a natural way. Vitality and balance are restored and resistance against infections and stress is heightened.

Co Q10®

is involved in many vital transformations in the cells and acts as a powerful trap for radicals so that it protects the cells against oxidative damage.

Coral Calcium®

contains natural, fossilized coral minerals to balance specific mineral deficiencies and to restore the body’s pH balance.


A combination of active ingredients formulated according to chrono­biologic principles, consisting of vitamins, nutrients, trace elements and plant-based components. The substances contained in an activating morning capsule and a regenerating evening capsule prevent premature aging of the skin, combat wrinkles from within and protect the skin against harmful effects of the environment.


DHEA is a base for several endogenous hormones in the body and a natural hormonal aid for healthy aging.

DHEA 7 Keto

7 Keto DHEA is a natural metabolite of DHEA which, however, is not transformed into sexual hormones. It has the same positive effect as DHEA but none of its potential disadvantages.


Chronobiological dietary supplement with three different iron salts as a multi-layered tablet for controlled release with ­improved tolerability compared to iron preparations of a pure sulphate ­basis; developed for treating or preventing iron deficiency states in pregnant women, children and the general population.


Improvement of the intestinal flora by ingestion of a chronobiologically developed prebiotic (morning) and probiotic (evening) bacteria mixture with a synergistic action.

Imperial Green®

The healing power of green tea has been known for millennia and can be used in vascular diseases, lipometabolic disturbances and other chronic diseases.


Indole-3-carbinol (I3C®) is a phytochemical substance which has great importance as an antioxidant and anticarcinogen.

Kava Kava

Fights anxiety, stress and pain with the healing power of intoxicating pepper.


The concentrate produced from brown seaweed has unique effects on health and wellbeing.


The invigorating root from the South American Andes enhances vitality and sexual desire and helps against chronic fatigue and depression.


Purely vegetable substances to increase energy and libido. The combination of active ingredients optimally tailored to the requirements of men and women increases sexual stamina and performance and improves the well-being. Successfully fights listlessness, fatigue and general physical exhaustion.


Natural sleep and healthier aging


A chronobiology based melatonin preparation for improving the behavior of falling asleep and sleeping through the night. The patented formulation guarantees the release of melatonin for a period of up to 8 hours. Administration once a day in the evening ensures therapeutically relevant melatonin levels during the whole night and absolute vitality the following morning.


An innovative food supplement based on plant extracts with an effect similar to that of oestrogen for the natural treatment of the symptoms of menopause. The morning and evening capsules have each been formulated to meet the body’s needs at that particular time of day. As a result of this «chronobiological» approach, Menochron® can be integrated into the daily diet and helps to regulate levels of hormones in the body.


A food supplement based on plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, for the maintenance of mental fitness and enhancement of concentration. The combination of all constituents of the morning and the evening capsule, specifically synchronized to suit the needs of the time of day, allows perfect integration into a person’s everyday diet from a chronobiological point of view. Mental flexibility and high concentration abilities are maintained throughout the day. Age-related changes such as loss of memory can be reduced.


The noni fruit has been known as a medicinal plant in the South Seas for centuries. It strengthens the immune system, is effective against infections and pain and increases the general wellbeing.


Chronobiological combination preparation made of scientifically proven phytochemicals with a cancer-preventive effect for suppressing abnormal cell functions outside the normal cell regulation patterns. For the prevention, reversion, or slowdown of cancer development.


OPC is a very potent antioxidant, a highly effective protection against cardiovascular diseases, allergies, skin diseases and protects against the consequences of age and stress.

Oral HGH

The growth hormone is the most effective hormone in the human body. It influences nearly every cell and achieves a physiological hormonal balance. The new product Oral HGH increases growth hormone levels in the body by supplying release factors of this important hormone through a sublingual spray.


The medicinal plant to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy



The first chronobiological broad-spectrum anti-aging preparation against the three mega threats of aging – cardio­vascular diseases, dementia, uncontrolled cell growth. Well-balanced combination of the best researched anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative secondary plant substances from four millennia of anti-aging medicine.


Resveratrol has a direct effect on the aging process of cells. It activates a specific longevity gene and is the up-to-now only substance which provably leads to a clearly prolonged life of various organisms.


The carotinoids lutein and zeaxanthine protect the retina of the eye against harmful effects and excessive ultraviolet radiation. A sufficient intake of lutein and zeaxanthine can lessen the risk of developing the most common form of blindness occurring in older people.

Vitachron® female

A chronobiological combination of active ingredients for ensuring the female body gets the best possible supply of all the essential ­vitamins, trace elements, minerals and plant-based active ingredients it needs. It increases vitality and performance.

Vitachron® male

A chronobiological combination of active ingredients for ­ensuring the male body gets the best possible supply of all the essential ­vitamins, trace elements, minerals and plant-based active ingredients it needs. It increases vitality and performance.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is a water-soluble vitamin which has strong antioxidative functions in the human body. This indispensable substance has generally activating effects on the metabolic processes and is essential for the formation of collagen, bones, teeth and the capillary endothelium.


Used as a medicine by the Indians of North America for centuries, the healing aspects of the mysterious plant experience a long-deserved renaissance.