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Invigorates body and mind with scientifically tested substances. Extends the release of energy over several hours. Ideal stimulant in the morning and during the day whenever a higher level of  performance is required.

Basic Facts

It is not without reason that the espresso or the cappuccino have become so popular: the biologically active substance caffeine is an extraordinary physical and mental stimulant. A sensational study among cyclists showed already decades ago that they had a seven percent lead in a 2-hour distance after having consumed coffee. On a circuit, coffee drinkers increased their endurance by 29 percent. Cross-country skiers even reached a 44 percent increase as compared with athletes not stimulated by caffeine. Does that amaze you? From a scientific point of view this is no mystery at all. For situations requiring an enormous amount of energy, our brain provides a substance called adenosine. But this is only done if so ordered by the brain. The similarity of the caffeine molecule to adenosine is so great that it can provoke the same effect, and this quite automatically as soon as we want it, with the first gulp of coffee. While the caffeine molecule connects to the surface of certain cells, certain vessels dilate. The oxygen supply increases. Greater amounts of the excitatory hormone adrenaline are released. This triggers a performance high, our nerve system is activated, the heart beats faster, the blood supply of the muscles increases (while that of the skin decreases). Energy reserves in the form of sugar and fats are released. Information cascades activate most of the organs and extend this condition over several hours.

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A cup of invigorating coffee is not always at hand. In such a case, stimulation in the form of a capsule offers itself.

Coffain® is an invigorating combination of active ingredients to release natural energy potentials. Concentrated in a single capsule are carefully balanced and coordinated activating components. These are biologically active important substances that have the function of stimulants. They stimulate the central nervous system. Coffain® contains caffeine, produced in the highest active quality from the guarana berry and the cola nut. The chemically identical substance obtained from the coffee bean is the most common psychoactive agent worldwide. The guarana extract used in Coffain® is produced from the seeds of a red fruit from the Brazilian rain forests. With the ancient Indian tribes of South America it already played a mystic role as a stimulant. The current results of clinical research confirm that caffeine provides both a recovering and a medically restoring mental vigilance. The substance accelerates the train of thought, increases concentration and improves physical coordination. It reduces feelings of fatigue. Caffeine reaches the blood stream within 45 minutes and has a physiologic half-life effect of up to six hours. In Coffain® it is supple­mented by a well-balanced mix of further active substances which takes into consideration in the best possible manner our current knowledge about the metabolic activity of natural stimulants. Therefore, Coffain® also contains taurine (in English bull), an active ingredient contained in many well-known energy drinks. The ideal combination of the active substances minimizes side effects and increases the efficiency level. The substances do not obstruct each other therapeutically and develop their greatest effect at the right moment.

Taurine: («Bull’s gall»), an amino acid complex which increases the effects of many substances. Its own effect is that of a neuro­transmitter in that it transmits nerve stimuli.

Niacin: Also known as vitamin B3, it is vasodilating, stimulates the blood flow and is important for supplying the brain with oxygen.

Vitamin B6: Facilitates the production of brain messenger substances such as serotonine (the natural «happiness hormone» of mankind).

Guarana extract: The traditional stimulant from the Amazon jungle is known for its long-lasting effect.

Kola nut extract: Fast-action semi-luxury product and stimulant that is a ritual aphro­disiac in Africa.

Inulin: Lowers blood-fat values, increases sugar utilization and improves the intestinal flora.

Caffeine is a plant extract from the coffee bean and enhances the energy consumption of the organism.

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) is an essential factor for normal growth, an undisturbed haematopoiesis and the maturing of epithelial cells. It is an essential factor for the energy production of the body and supports the immune functions.

NADH is a substance related to vitamin B3, which is present in all cells and is involved in redox processes. Thus, its most important function is to regulate the energy balance in cells. Reduced levels of this substance were shown to be associated with loss of memory and degenerative symptoms of the brain.


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Coffain® is excellently suited to increase energy and performance level. It stimulates the organism via the central nervous system and influences directly the activities of heart, brain, bone marrow and kidneys. This invigorates body and mind. The joint effect defies sleepiness and regains lost vigilance. Coffain® is most effective when taken in the morning, but if the need arises it can also be taken during the day without hesitation.

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One capsule contains:
Taurine500 mg
Niacinamide10 mg
Vitamin B61 mg
Guarana extract (standardized 50% caffeine)50 mg
Kola-Nuss extract (standardized 25% caffeine)34 mg
Inulin50 mg
Caffeine67 mg
Vitamin B12100 mcg
NADH2 mg

in pharmaceutical grade.
Other ingredients: magnesium stearate, rice flour, SiO2. 

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In normal cases take 1 capsule daily in the morning and when needed with plenty of fluid.

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Side Effects, Contraindications

Coffain® increases the dehydration of the body. Sweat-producing activities as they are performed for instance in a fitness studio would cause the body to dehydrate even more and should therefore be avoided, if possible. Alcohol, too, causes the water content in the body to go down. This dehydra­tion can then impair the body’s ability to degrade alcohol. Coffain® also directly delays the degradation of alcohol and therefore should not be taken together with alcohol. People suffering from acute heart and circulatory problems should ask a doctor before taking the product.

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It is generally recommended to consult a specialist before taking food supplements. If you have a pre-existing disease or are already receiving long-term drug treatment, you should in any case use Coffain® only after having consulted a doctor first. If you experience any symptoms while taking Coffain®, you should consult a doctor and inform him or her of the intake.

Pregnant or lactating women or persons who are under constant medical care should consult a doctor before use. Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

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