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Depression & Moods

5 HTP®

Depression is treated naturally by raising serotonin levels.


The ester acetyl-L-carnitine not only has biochemical similarities with the amino acid carnitine but also similar metabolic functions, especially in the transformation of food to energy. As a food supplement, acetyl-L-carnitine is effective in various forms of dementia as well as in peripheral neuropathies.


interrupts the vicious circle of insomnia and acts on account of its well-balanced combination of natural and biogenic constituents.


Invigorates body and mind with scientifically tested substances. Extends the release of energy over several hours. Ideal stimulant in the morning and during the day whenever a higher level of  performance is required.

Co Q10®

is involved in many vital transformations in the cells and acts as a powerful trap for radicals so that it protects the cells against oxidative damage.

Folic Acid

is one of the critical vitamins since it is often not supplied in sufficient quantities to the organism. Yet folic acid is indispensable for the body as it is required for cell division together with vitamin B12.


The central inhibitive neurotransmitter as a natural sedative


The mix of ginkgo biloba and huperzine A improves mental fitness, increases attention and the ability to concentrate, and also proves to be successful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Kava Kava

Fights anxiety, stress and pain with the healing power of intoxicating pepper.


The invigorating root from the South American Andes enhances vitality and sexual desire and helps against chronic fatigue and depression.


Purely vegetable substances to increase energy and libido. The combination of active ingredients optimally tailored to the requirements of men and women increases sexual stamina and performance and improves the well-being. Successfully fights listlessness, fatigue and general physical exhaustion.


An innovative food supplement based on plant extracts with an effect similar to that of oestrogen for the natural treatment of the symptoms of menopause. The morning and evening capsules have each been formulated to meet the body’s needs at that particular time of day. As a result of this «chronobiological» approach, Menochron® can be integrated into the daily diet and helps to regulate levels of hormones in the body.


Chronobiological dietary supplement to compensate for a lack of energy and protect against burnout in men and women. Improves energy performance and boosts mitochondrial function in the individual cells while at the same time providing enhanced protection against oxidative damage.


Amino acid against pain and depression. The intake of DL-phenylalanine (DLPA®) in addition to your daily food is effective and safe in certain indications.

Phosphatidyl Serine

Phosphatidyl serine is an important substance for the transmission of impulses of brain cells. Its deficiency has a negative effect on memory functions and on the ability to concentrate and may manifest itself from age 45 onwards.


Probust® is an optimized mix of proven medicinal herbs to regulate the female hormone balance – the basis of a fuller and firmer breast. Effective without surgical interventions or risky substances, available as tablets or as a cream.


A balanced, low-calorie diet rich in bulkage is the most important precondition for staying healthy. Seroslim® helps to burn access calories and to keep in check the desire for carbohydrates.


The choice composition of various substances, vitamins and trace elements having an antidepressive effect balances the neurotransmitter level in the brain, and in this way combats anxiety, restlessness and mood swings.


A patented formulation for maintaining the serotonin profile adjusted to the daily rhythm and in keeping with the physiology. Ideal for all symptoms related to serotonin deficiency such as mild to medium depression, eating disorders and other mood swings and chronic pain. The biphasic release guarantees an optimal serum concentration without side effects.