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Brain & Memory


The ester acetyl-L-carnitine not only has biochemical similarities with the amino acid carnitine but also similar metabolic functions, especially in the transformation of food to energy. As a food supplement, acetyl-L-carnitine is effective in various forms of dementia as well as in peripheral neuropathies.


A chronobiological food supplement for men over 50 with weak drive and the beginning of testosterone deficiency. A natural «testosterone booster» which enhances performance capacity, libido and muscular strength. Androchron® contains a unique combination of vital ingredients that guarantees maximal efficiency paired with minimal risk.


B-Plex contains the most important B vitamins in an optimal combination (together with vitamin C and MSM). The various B vitamins are important for a number of essential functions of the body such as metabolism and cell renewal. The vitamin B complex is considered to be the energy provider for body and mind.


Ideal food supplement to compensate energy weakness and to prevent burn-out in women and men. Increases the efficiency of the mitochondria and improves anti oxidative capacities.


A multitude of factors is considered to cause the aging of the organism and the cell itself. Carnosine has the potential to slow these aging processes by protecting and regenerating proteins  and lipids. Carnosine is capable of prolonging the life span of  the cells and the organism.


activates higher brain functions and thus improves the ability to think, the memory as well as the capability to learn and the concentration power. Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) effectively counteracts age-related disorders and reduction of brain performance and helps to keep important cognitive functions fit.


The mix of ginkgo biloba and huperzine A improves mental fitness, increases attention and the ability to concentrate, and also proves to be successful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Kava Kava

Fights anxiety, stress and pain with the healing power of intoxicating pepper.


Purely vegetable substances to increase energy and libido. The combination of active ingredients optimally tailored to the requirements of men and women increases sexual stamina and performance and improves the well-being. Successfully fights listlessness, fatigue and general physical exhaustion.


A food supplement based on plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, for the maintenance of mental fitness and enhancement of concentration. The combination of all constituents of the morning and the evening capsule, specifically synchronized to suit the needs of the time of day, allows perfect integration into a person’s everyday diet from a chronobiological point of view. Mental flexibility and high concentration abilities are maintained throughout the day. Age-related changes such as loss of memory can be reduced.


The noni fruit has been known as a medicinal plant in the South Seas for centuries. It strengthens the immune system, is effective against infections and pain and increases the general wellbeing.

Omega 3

Omega 3 – poly-unsaturated fatty acids from fish oils lower the triglyceride levels and protect against cardiovascular diseases.


OPC is a very potent antioxidant, a highly effective protection against cardiovascular diseases, allergies, skin diseases and protects against the consequences of age and stress.

Phosphatidyl Serine

Phosphatidyl serine is an important substance for the transmission of impulses of brain cells. Its deficiency has a negative effect on memory functions and on the ability to concentrate and may manifest itself from age 45 onwards.


The ideal boost for DHEA and melatonin to prevent many symptoms of aging.


Resveratrol has a direct effect on the aging process of cells. It activates a specific longevity gene and is the up-to-now only substance which provably leads to a clearly prolonged life of various organisms.